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The 10-round, 50-minute workout is evenly divided between two styles of training. Half of the class is spent on custom treads: sprinting, climbing, pushing, and dare we say even recovering. The other half of class is spent with a variety of resistance tools: pressing, pulling, squatting, crunching, and jumping. The intervals are authentic and intense, the activities are varied, and the sweat is real.

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Rumble Training builds upon the swagger established by Rumble Boxing over the past three years. The high-voltage sound system will feel familiar, along with the custom tunes. We’re also proud to be a part of the rag-tag, street-savvy community you’ve built around Rumble Boxing, and we see Rumble Training as its extension.

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Less boxer. More athlete. You can think of it as all of the training you might do in preparation for a fight that ISN’T boxing. While the class architecture is similar (10 rounds, 3 minute rounds, two styles of training), the workout is completely fresh. The custom Rumble treads have been meticulously crafted for power and ease of use. Add to that a wider variety of resistance options on the floor and the workout is a whole new way to Rumble.

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