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Rumble TV

the rumble experience >>> at home
on demand & live rumble workouts
boxing // hiit // strength // running


A high-energy, results-driven, no-B.S. approach to at-home fitness >>>
Boxing, HIIT, Strength & Running workouts.

No experience necessary + no equipment necessary. (One of the lucky ones who snagged weights? We've got lots of workouts that put those to use, too 💪.)

rumble tv

on-demand & live
rumble workouts

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class breakdown

Explore the Rumble TV workouts >>> Boxing, HIIT, Strength & Running.

  • What is Rumble TV?
    Rumble TV is our digital workout platform featuring live and on-demand at-home Rumble workouts. It’s also quantifiable proof that working out can be really, really ridiculously fun.
    (But don’t take our word for that… 💪).
  • How can I sign up for a free trial?
    Head to tv.doyourumble.com to sign up for a 7-day free trial.
  • What are the Rumble TV workouts like?
    True to the O.G. Rumble experience, Rumble TV workouts are equal parts results-driven and fun. Expect high energy, killer music, and a serious sweat.
    Rumble TV offers a variety of class types within our core modalities: Boxing, HIIT, Strength & Running.
  • Are the workouts live or on-demand?
    Both! Because more is more 😎. We run a live schedule of Rumble TV classes every day and have an extensive (and always growing) library of on-demand Rumble workouts.
  • What equipment do I need?
    None! But if you’ve got weights, a treadmill or a boxing bag (lucky!), we’ve got lots of workouts that put those to use, too.
    Our boxing workouts are designed to be done on or off the bag (shadowboxing, which you can level up with light weights or brass knuckles when you’re game for a challenge). For more information on our class types & equipment used in each class, learn more here.
  • How do I stream Rumble TV workouts?
    Rumble TV is web-based, so you can stream your workouts on any web or mobile device. You can also cast to your TV via an HDMI cable, Airplay or Apple TV screen mirroring.
  • What are the Rumble TV subscription options and prices?
    Your first week is on us — then we offer a monthly subscription for $29/month and an annual subscription for $249/year ($20.75/month).