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Mona Lavinia Garcia

Mona Lavinia Garcia

    • Furry friend ally (volunteers at an animal shelter and collects pets as a result)
    • D.C. born and bred
    • Has a backyard garden + 3 chickens #BackyardToTable

Mona’s journey to boxing was sort of happenstance. An athlete since childhood, Mona was always drawn to movement, competition, and goal-driven action. That’s why it’s not surprising that, as an adult — in a moment of “I’m gonna do that” inspiration — she decided to become a runner (with not a mile under her belt).

And run she did. Within a year, she went from baby runs around the block to coaching and programming the Nike Run Club for the D.C. market. And then it happened again: During a Nike Speed Session, Mona was amazed by a D.C. pro boxer who — with no running training — outpaced the pack thanks to his boxing conditioning. In a willful moment of inspiration, she decided she would start boxing to become a better runner. That was 3 years ago (and she’s been throwing down ever since).

And that’s what you need to know about Mona. She is fearless in the pursuit of what (literally) moves her, and who wouldn’t want in on that action?