Shannon Brennan

Shannon Brennan

    • Known as Shannon The Cannon
    • Certified cat lady (hey, Frankie & Lana)
    • Devout 76er & Allen Iverson fangirl

Shannon’s hair is almost always in a ponytail. In fact, if she took her scrunchy out, we bet her hair would stay in perfect ponytail position, because it’s never known any other form. And that’s the thing about Shannon: She’s always battle-ready.   

Known around Philly as Shannon The Cannon, she brings firecracker energy to the Rumble podium. Originally from York, Pennsylvania, the perennial sporty spice grew up playing soccer and basketball. In fact, she loves basketball so much that if we only had four words to describe Shannon, they’d be “hard in the paint.” But don’t be nervous. She’s also goofy, creative, and loves cats, so you know she has a gentle soul. Unless her ponytail is up. Then watch out.