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Bryant Reams

Bryant Reams

    • *NSYNC > Backstreet Boys
    • Played violin for 16 years
    • Not-so-secretly loves Skittles


Under his mother’s advice, Bryant played classical violin growing up. But all the sitting and playing wasn’t the best fit for his hyped-up energy. After a growth spurt, he found basketball and ended up playing for a Division 1 team. He even had the opportunity to go pro, but life had something else in store.


Bryant found his love of music again, this time on his own terms. He applied all the music theory he learned as a kid to DJing and producing dance music. (Yes — expect his class playlists to be 🔥.) And now, he’s applying everything he learned as a basketball player and fitness instructor to his Rumble classes. Bryant believes everyone has an elite athlete in them, and if you don’t think you have one, he’ll find it for you.


A lifelong elite athlete and former Division 1 basketball player, Bryant is ushering in all of his hard-hitting energy at Rumble.