Raychel Johnikin

Raychel Johnikin

    • Started boxing at #RumbleSF from the day it opened
    • When not Rumbling >> Supermom-ing
    • Obsessed with her grandma

We’re all about defying stereotypes here at Rumble. True to form, you might be surprised to learn that Raychel is a plumber. We ?you not. (Admit it…you didn’t see that coming.)

Even before taking over her mom’s plumbing company in college, Raychel wasn’t afraid to get dirty. She grew up in Maryland raising pigs, goats, and horses. She also played all the sports — basketball, cheerleading, karate, soccer, lacrosse, softball, and field hockey (which became a favorite).

Present day, Raychel is still defying expectations as a new mom who’s just as comfortable jamming out to Baby Shark as she is to Drake (perhaps a future remix?). With experience punching the bags and chasing after her little one, Raychel will have you fighting that last round and pushing up that last hill with grit and determination.