Leah Life

Leah Life

    • Her dog Baylor is her “favorite person ever”
    • Today: Trainer. Tomorrow: Doctor
    • Her entire family has names that start with “L” (talking aunts and uncles on both sides)

Leah’s training as a fighter started young. She would battle her older sister on the regular: kicking, screaming, punching, and lots of fighter moves that don’t involve the 6 punches. (Sibling things, ya know?) We’re proud to say that Leah has since refined her technique, but the early “athleticism” served her well. Leah was an all-star athlete growing up and was recruited in three different sports in college. She committed to Georgetown to swim, where she also earned a double major in biology and sculpture.  

After a hip-injury required surgery and surgery required rest (annoying), an impatient Leah was determined to get back to her physical life. She fought her way back into fitness by teaching spin around the country. Present day, Leah brings her high-level athletic history to the podium and has also decided to put her biology and sculpture degrees to good use. She’s expected to graduate from dental school in 2020, at which point she’ll be able to knock your teeth out and put ‘em right back in — one of the premium services available from our soon-to-be “Dr. Life.”