Laura Dotson

Laura Dotson

    • Backpacking enthusiast (known to hike 50+ miles up mountains)
    • Nutrition expert + Google alum
    • Loves a good hair flip ‍‍‍

When we say Laura has done it all, we really mean she’s done it all. As a southern belle from North Carolina, she did the whole debutante ball thing, but was just as comfortable fishing and backpacking with her fam (a “girly tomboy”, if you will.) She’s danced since she was 4, competing internationally in Rumba, Cha Cha, and Tango, and rocked a three-year stint as a Washington Redskins cheerleader. She was also selected for a military appreciation tour in Afghanistan and danced for our troops. In her spare time, Laura earned 2 masters degrees (‘cause why get only one, you know?) in Public Health and Nutrition and went on to run nutrition programming at a cool new startup called Google. She also went to culinary school, has been a basketball coach for the Special Olympics since she was 18, and recently went to Kenya to work with an orphanage in Belwop. 

Fortunately for us, she’s made her way back to fitness. With small-town roots and big ambitions, Laura joins the Rumble squad to write the next chapter of her action-packed story.