Keisha Saddler

Keisha Saddler

    • Was a cheerleader for the Jets, and the Pacers
    • Will snuggle your dog with the fury of 1,000 blankets
    • She's been known to steal other people's candy with little remorse

Hailing from Indiana, Keisha is an athlete at heart. Thanks to her big bro, she grew up playing basketball and football (yes, football), and she's got a lethal three-pointer and a legit spiral to prove it.

Years later, she found her way to the dance studio, where she began her tenure as a professional ballerina with the California Ballet Company and also a cheerleader for both the NFL and the NBA (as if one wasn't enough).

Keisha eventually set her sights on the NYC fitness scene, where she's been kicking ass and taking names for more than a decade. Oh, she's also smart as hell, having graduated top of her class in high school and magna cum laude from Indiana University.

So, don't let her smile lull you into a false sense of comfort—Keisha has a wealth of knowledge and a boat load of talent.