Julia Gautreaux

Julia Gautreaux

    • Dog mom to Kobe (named after LA’s own G.O.A.T.)
    • Obsessed with pop culture
    • Proud only child

Belonging to the rare breed of those born-and-raised in Los Angeles, Julia has been nonstop ever since she could first move. Despite doctors telling her parents that a rare congenital eye condition would prevent her from ever being athletic, Julia spent her childhood playing every sport in the books. (Prove ‘em wrong, sis.) She clocked a sub-6-minute mile in middle school and was captain of both her varsity soccer and track teams in high school.


Now, Julia has over 600 hours of comprehensive training in anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology, and has been a group fitness instructor for seven years. Her Rumble Training and Boxing classes are high-energy, empowering, dynamic, and playlist-obsessed.