Ali Johnson

Ali Johnson

    • Gives lethal side eye
    • Had pet ducks as a kid
    • Legging enthusiast (the more ridiculous, the better)

With a background in spin, JOGA (yoga for jocks), and cheer, Ali comes to you from Bellevue, WA full of energy and hype. Ali grew up in the world of dance and gymnastics, which eventually evolved into competitive cheer.

During her classes, Ali seamlessly transitions between her various expertise as cheer coach, personal trainer, and full-time and passionate student of the sport. She’ll also keep you on your toes with an easy laugh but a lethal side eye. (Legit. It’s PIERCING.)

As her energy matches the beat of the room, it’s obvious that Ali is up on that podium doing exactly what she’s meant to be doing: sharing her passion, spreading energy like wildfire, and living her best life in helping you live yours.