Alex Hooper

Alex Hooper

    • Goes by Hoopy
    • Self-proclaimed Ad Lib Queen
    • Sounds like a mix between DMX and Ja Rule


When you’re born with the last name Hooper and grow up with a talent for basketball, it’s only natural for you to become known as Hoopy. An East Oaklander through and through, Alex “Hoopy” Hooper always brings the hype. It’s not every 4-year-old who can pick up a violin and a basketball in the same year and dominate both. While the violin stayed behind, the basketball continued well into Alex’s undergrad years (and she picked up track and field in place of violin).


She mastered sports in college so much that she got her Master’s in sports management — proof that Hoopy’s always got her eyes on the next level. More proof? She’s taught over 1,500 fitness classes. Her love of boxing combined with her longtime passion for fitness is so infectious you’ll have no choice other than to get your Hype Girl Hoopy (it’s a thing) on in class, too.