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Vicki Chimenti

Vicki Chimenti

    • Rumble’s inaugural redhead
    • Appeared (and disappeared) on Broadway
    • Dancing since diapers

This fiery native New Yorker will keep your on toes — because she’s spent her whole life on hers. A dancer since age two, Vicki went on to dance professionally in music videos, on television shows, and even on cruise ships (which she credits for teaching her resiliency even when the waters are rough). She also knows how to disappear, which she did on stage in Broadway’s “The Illusionists” before giving up her penchant for getting cut up into nine pieces every night.

Now, the only cuts she’s interested in are those of the upper(cut) variety. Combining her love of movement with her functional and dynamic approach to training, Vicki tapped into boxing as the ultimate, full-body feat of physicality. She has a personal ban on the word “can’t,” and for her next trick, she’ll make that word disappear from your vocabulary, too. Boom.