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    • Awaiting his Chipotle sponsorship
    • Synesthete who sees and hears numbers and letters in colors (yes, really)
    • Graduated with a master’s in Street Smarts

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the power of a small-town desert kid. Terry, who hails from the deserts nestled around Los Angeles, grew up the tough-skinned, athletic type who played every sport imaginable until he finally touched down and got really cozy with (and really good at) football. While his athleticism on the field led him to score scholarships and a collegiate football career, injuries cut that journey short. That didn’t keep him down for long, though. 


Terry found a new outlet in acting and moved across the country to NYC. (Don’t act like there’s no drama on a sports field that can’t translate to the stage or screen. Friday Night Lights, anyone?) As a means to kill downtime between auditions, Terry discovered boxing and went all in — honing his moves and training under the skillful watch of top 10 international boxers, including MMA and pro boxing coach Julian Chua. That was 7 years back, and Terry has been hitting things ever since.


In his class, be ready for body rolls, shoulder shimmies, and more purely early 2000s hip-hop dance moves than you can even imagine.