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Spencer Lloyd

Spencer Lloyd

    • Dad was adopted from Thailand; mom is Native American x Lebanese
    • American Idol alum
    • Doesn’t do introductory handshakes #teamhugs

Born in the smallest of small towns in Arkansas, Spencer’s first love was music. He grew up singing in church — which helps explain why he has the voice of a baby angel — before picking up guitar and piano and spending most of his adolescence putting melodies to his emotions. After a stint on American Idol that went “way better than expected” (Top 15 in 2014), Spencer got into the music scene in Nashville. While he was riding a roller coaster in his professional life, he turned to fitness as a control point. But what started as a form of therapy became truly revolutionary for Spencer. In transforming his body, he transformed his entire perspective on life and realized he wanted to give the same sense of empowerment to others.

Spencer takes to the podium at Rumble with the stage presence of a bona fide performer, the dimples of a heartthrob, and some top-notch athletic skills to boot, and yet somehow manages to remain genuinely humble and warmhearted.