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Samantha Ruskin

Samantha Ruskin

    • Born & bred Staten Island native
    • Type A to the max; organization’s #1 fan
    • Big karaoke fan (and might belt it out during Rumble round)

Sam describes herself as a Chinese, Russian, Syrian Jewish girl from Staten Island. She very strongly dislikes the cold, the winter, and the rain, but she’s lived here her entire life (how she has survived is a mystery.) 


But let’s focus on things Sam does like — like fitness. After falling hard for fitness in college, she turned her off-hours passion into her career. Well, one of her careers. Alongside throwing down on the Rumble podium, Sam also works full time in marketing (with an MBA to boot).


Perhaps the only thing she loves more than fitness is food (ask her what food is superior to all other foods and why it’s sushi.) With an easy smile and some tough love, Sam’s class is a little sassy, a little sweet, and a damn good time.