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Ryan Forte

Ryan Forte

    • Native New Yorker who claims every borough (except SI, sorry, y’all)
    • Has 100+ nicknames that only he calls himself
    • Has moves like Jagger (read: sick dance moves)

Born in NYC, Ryan has always been considered an odd duck. As a self-proclaimed nerd with boundless energy, he was equal parts outgoing and socially awkward. 


Once he grew up, he wanted to pursue a degree in Computer Science so he could fulfill his dream of creating video games. But to keep himself from going stir crazy while working on his degree, he started Muay Thai and realized he had a passion for fitness and empowering others. Now he's a certified trainer, giving the gift of gains while specializing in Post Rehab Exercise and helping people deal with joint problems (which he's personally suffered with).


Don’t let his chiseled physique fool you. He's still a huge nerd and loves to talk about Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls, comics, outer space, and pretty much anything geeky. An athletic, chiseled nerd who’s passionate about helping you get better? Funny how odd ducks always turn out the best.