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Rachel Oyama

Rachel Oyama

    • Jewpanese (half-Japanese, half-Jewish if ya don't know)
    • Born in Manhattan; bred on Long Island
    • Inspires everyone, including Lil' Kim

Like many of us mere mortals, Rachel was not a natural-born fitness pro. In fact, she straight-up failed a semester of gym class in high school.

But, these days, she's pretty good at this whole fitness thing. After discovering (and excelling at) kickboxing, she ultimately unlocked a passion for boxing and group fitness training. And she's been serving uppercuts (and a few rogue roundhouse kicks) ever since.

Other things Rachel's good at? Being a dog mom to a very good girl (who also happens to be Insta-famous). Acting on the likes of "Gossip Girl" and "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." Having a megawatt smile that may have literally twinkled at you in the national Crest commercial she starred in.

Most notably, Lil' Kim once told Rachel that she was inspired by her (true story), so trust that you will be, too.