Paige Howell

Paige Howell

    • Aspiring sixth Spice Girl
    • Went by "Simba" from ages 3 to 4 ?
    • Probably loves hockey more than you do (go Pittsburgh Penguins!)

Paige's athletic story begins on center stage at age three when she began training as a ballerina in Upstate New York. (Yep, at age three.) Her first childhood dance teacher also happened to train famed-boxer Evander Holyfield in ballet. How's that for serendipitous foreshadowing that — spoiler alert — present-day Paige is a ballerina-turned-boxer?

But before Paige found boxing, she honed the art of performing in pretty much all its forms. She danced her way through college, produced her own pop album (oh yea, the girl can sing), and cut her teeth at this whole group fitness thing by teaching at NYC's best spin and bootcamp studios.

Which brings us full circle to a different kind of center stage — this time at Rumble, where Paige fully intends to show you how a ballerina throws bows.