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Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller

    • Strong Islander
    • Doesn’t know what an indoor voice is
    • Coffee addict

Natalie is a redheaded study in dedication. Look it up in the dictionary, and yes, you might find her there. The Memphis-born athlete competed in her first amateur kickboxing fight at the age of 15, and after hours and hours of training, she didn’t win. Unlike most 15-year-olds, this didn’t deter her. Instead, she dug deeper, got gritty, and stuck with her sport. With her ignited motivation and die-hard dedication, she continued the journey, trained more, and went on to compete in amateur kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Today, Natalie has a decade of boxing experience under her belt. Where does a decade’s worth of dedication land you, you might wonder? None other than center stage at the Rumble podium. Classes with Nat will be technical, educational, and packed with energy (she is a self-proclaimed coffee addict, after all).