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Nancy Chen

Nancy Chen

    • Second generation Chinese American
    • 2x Marathoner 
    • Published her first book this year (!)

Is Nancy part mermaid? We can’t say for sure, although all of the evidence suggests it’s true. She grew up in sunny SoCal. She was a competitive swimmer. And she spent a lot of time in the water. 


Here’s what we do know for sure: Nancy has spent the last 7 years channeling her work ethic towards boxing, and she’s got the hands to show for it. She’s also a personal trainer, yoga instructor, 2x marathoner — and she does competitive open water swims, you know, for fun. She’s also a full-time email marketer who published her first book in January of 2021. (Guess mermaids don’t sleep much.)


Fueled by a strong sense of purpose she credits to her parents and a competitive spirit that is all her own, Nancy is busting stereotypes and breaking barriers, as only a brilliant-competitive-mermaid-boxer could do.