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Morgan Rosenblum

Morgan Rosenblum

    • Aspiring Superhero
    • Vows to name his first-born after a Star Wars character
    • Has competed in the NY Golden Gloves

Born and raised in Manhattan, Morgan's ambitions have always been larger than life. As a kid, Morgan was convinced he was going to have super powers. He's still trying to figure out the whole flying thing, but in the meantime he's settled for creating superheroes by writing and producing his own comic book series. In fact, he's already a two-time international best-selling author (which is pretty heroic in our book.)

With six years of experience training under former pro boxer and Olympian Jose Navarro, Morgan fought in the NY Golden Gloves. He is currently 1 & 1 as an amateur boxer in the state of New York's light-heavyweight division.

With big dreams and bold ambitions, Morgan also understands that if our accomplishments are going to be super, our resolve needs to be equally as determined. Like many superheroes, he lives by a simple quote from his father: "You're not always gonna be the fastest, or the strongest, or the smartest... but it's damn hard to beat someone who just won't give up.