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Miles Hill

Miles Hill

    • Proud vegetarian of 11 years
    • Self-proclaimed anime nerd
    • Second-degree black belt in Taekwondo

Rarely does Miles not smile, which is why we call Miles “Smiles.” Despite the jolly grin, Smiles is a second-degree black belt (Taekwondo.) He’s been punching and kicking things since he was a teenager and so decided to channel his energy towards the martial arts. He was also the Vice President of his boxing club at John Jay College and has been training as a boxer for the past 5 years.

When he’s not in fight mode, Smiles enjoys tinkering with and cruising in his 3.8 Genesis Coupe. He’s also a full fledged anime nerd (do you even Cosplay, bro?) so he brings quite a bit of range to the Rumble podium. He’s creative, thoughtful, and ruthlessly positive which is why he smiles. A lot. But we already mentioned that. =)