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Melissa Olsen

Melissa Olsen

    • Jersey girl at heart
    • 5’1” but can deadlift 300lbs
    • Low key turns up to Frank Sinatra

At just over 5 feet tall, Melissa is anything but tiny. She’s got big energy, big vocals, and one hell of a heart. If you ask her what her favorite word is in the entire English lexicon, she’ll flash a mischievous smile with her trademark dimples and say, “challenge.” You see, unlike many of her fellow Rumble superstars, Melissa was not a natural born athlete. However, she was gifted with a feisty sense of determination and quickly learned that her best recourse was to simply outwork everyone else.  

And when Melissa found fitness in college, she found it.  She put in work at the gym every night and fell in love with the transformative power of training. Since then, her passion has taken her through the entire fitness gauntlet — as a runner, strength athlete, CrossFitter, kickboxer, and student-turned-teacher of martial arts (Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and boxing). Now, a powerful and seasoned coach, Melissa hits the Rumble stage for the challenge of a lifetime (expect one helluva Rumble round).