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Mary Kate

Mary Kate

    • Still looking for a twin named Ashley
    • Expert-level party playlist creator
    • Cardi B enthusiast

Mary Kate, also known as MK, brings some Detroit hustle to the Bay Area. She was put into her first dance class at the age of 3, and by 12, she was dancing around the globe under the tutelage of world-renowned choreographers. It makes sense when you realize MK is the daughter of one of Michigan’s most respected men’s basketball coaches; high-level athletics were serious business in the Welch household.

Her love of boxing started in high school when a dance teacher recommended it as a form of training outside the studio. And she stuck with her boxing practice while knocking out accomplishment after accomplishment: MK holds over 10 nationally-recognized strength and training certifications, a degree in kinesiology, and a ridiculous resume that reads as a who’s who list of elite athletes, celebrities, and high-profile brands. MK steps onto the Rumble podium as a true triple threat — with extensive training knowledge, an elite athletic background, and world-class coaching skills that live up to her pedigree.