Luiji Massanga

Luiji Massanga

    • Former sports writer (and a HUGE sports fan)
    • Steph Curry fan-boy
    • Middle name is Rudolph

As the story goes, Luiji wasn’t supposed to survive his birth. He came out of the womb fighting. After numerous operations and procedures which ultimately saved his life, he moved to Haiti with his family until he was 10, which is when they moved back to the states. He was small, still learning English and most definitely an outsider (as a Haitian in North Carolina), which didn’t win him any popularity contests. Throughout his life, it’s fair to say that Luiji has identified as an underdog. But therein lies his superpower. Because through sheer will and an enormous sense of determination, Luiji has transformed underdog into a badge of honor. 

In college he sprouted up to 6’1” and dunked a basketball for the first time. His athleticism continued to develop which peaked his interest in training and performance and eventually lead him to boxing. Now, Luiji is a full fledged athlete. He’s also a prime example that we can’t control our circumstances, but we can certainly control our attitude and our resolve. From day 0 until today, Luiji has defied the odds, disregarded the naysayers, and dared to do stuff that is exceptional. Now he takes all that mettle and positivity to the Rumble podium - and what a sight it is.