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Lauren Kiedinger

Lauren Kiedinger

    • Adrenaline junkie (skydiving, target shooting, scuba diving, you name it)
    • Miss America and Miss USA pageant alum
    • May recognize her voice from Colgate Total commercials

Let’s be honest. Lauren Kiedinger is probably a secret agent. Facts are facts, and she checks all of the prerequisites: She jumps out of airplanes, she’s scuba certified, and she’s experienced in tactical shooting (not kidding.) She was also an excellent athlete growing up (12 years of competitive volleyball? ✔️) and competed in the Miss America pageant, which is a dangerous combination, even by secret agent standards.

So we cannot say for sure whether Lauren has been tasked to save the world, but we do know that on and off the Rumble podium, she’s fearless, charming, and quite comfortable dialing up the adrenaline.