Kristina Centenari

Kristina Centenari

    • Former QB in Little League Football
    • Practically born on a tennis court
    • Relaxes by going helicopter skiing

Kristina comes from a family of competitors. Her dad was a competitive gymnast, her uncle was a pro boxer, her brother played professional tennis, and — true story — Kristina herself was almost born on a tennis court. You see, Kristina’s mom went into labor during her dad’s tennis match, but dad was in a tight set and didn’t want to throw in the towel. So, naturally, he continued to play (and win) after her mom’s water broke. When we say competition is something Kristina was born into, we mean it quite literally.

And her adventures in competition and athleticism have pretty much continued since. As a kid, Kristina convinced her parents to let her play little league football so she could compete with the boys (she went on to become the quarterback). She competed as a D1 tennis player (no surprise), spent some time as a collegiate rower, and even completed a few half ironmans. Guess you could say it’s a lifestyle.

She discovered boxing a few years back and began training at Gleason’s Gym. As you might imagine, she’s looking forward to competing in the ring soon.