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JoJo Hinkes

JoJo Hinkes

    • Never not moving
    • Has a mini goldendoodle named Doodle  
    • Former Bar/Bat Mitzvah hype dancer (so you know the energy is 💯)

JoJo is not Topanga from Boy Meets World. It’s just easier if we get that outta the way from the start. 


She has been rocking it in the fitness industry for the last 8 years as a trainer, coach, blogger, and connoisseur of all things fitness. Fun fact: JoJo used to review and critique boutique fitness studios in the metro NYC area with her blog Cup of Jo. “In 2018 I took a class with Andy Stern and from that point it has been my DREAM to work for Rumble.” (She rated us 5 cups of Jo since we know you were wondering.) 


JoJo is filled to the brim with life. Her class tends towards 90’s hip hop, she is often adorned in cheetah print, and she will happily be your own personal hype machine. 


Just don’t be afraid to show up to class heavily caffeinated, because this one is a latte fun.