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Jessica Leigh

Jessica Leigh

    • Awaiting her Starbucks sponsorship
    • Huge sneaker head
    • From Staten Island but refuses to ride the ferry

While walking around the storied lobby and hallway of Rumble, you might hear others shout out, “Baby J!” when they see the always fly, always on-point Jessica. Let us explain: The J is for, well, Jessica. And the baby part? Jessica is 21. Making her one of the youngest boxers to ever take the Rumble stage. Because when someone has talent and determination — the stage is theirs to own.

Maybe it was Jessica’s upbringing by her single mother, who exemplified the strength she wanted to inhabit. Maybe it was learning to hold her own in her big Italian family. Maybe it was the four years she spent training in HIIT and circuit training, or the past two years when she put in werk to hone in on her boxing skills (OK, that definitely had something to do with it). Whatever the magic formula was that led Jessica to taking the stage as one of our youngest (and fiercest) Rumble trainers, we’re here for that Baby J magic.