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Jess Margulies

Jess Margulies

    • Amateur fighter
    • Marathoner
    • Snapback enthusiast

For Jesssica, boxing changed the game. She grew up on Long Island as an only child and struggled with weight and body image for most of her life. When she was introduced to boxing over 6 years ago, it literally saved her. Not only did boxing begin to change her physically, it changed her entire perspective. Instead of feeling constantly at odds with her body, Jessica discovered what it meant to feel strong and empowered by her training. She became enamored by what her body could do and decided to devote her life to helping people realize their strength and potential as well. 


Jessica graduated college with a degree in Special Education and became a teacher for children with Autism. She started a non-profit called Bout Fitness, which is a boxing therapy program for people on the Autism spectrum. She also has two amateur fights under her belt, both of which happen to be victories (girl, brush your shoulders off.) 


So whether you’ve never boxed before or you’re training for an upcoming fight, Jessica can relate. Boxing has given Jessica so much, and when you step into her class, there’s no doubt she’s gonna give even more back in return.