Bradley Rose

Jaws Nelson

    • Father was an F-14 Tomcat Pilot
    • Jaws, ironically, likes to jump out of planes
    • #EveryWeekIsSharkWeek

In 2nd grade, young Julie was an excellent swimmer and diver. She was also absolutely obsessed with Sharks. As second graders do, this led to a nickname. But unlike most of our 2nd grade nicknames, this one was particularly powerful and would end up sticking around. Julie Nelson henceforth became known as Jaws.

Jaws soon found a love for dance and was accepted into the Kirov Academy of Ballet. This laid the foundation for her future as a performer on Broadway where she eventually graced the stages of Rock of Ages and Fuerza Bruta.

But with a nickname like Jaws and the grace of a ballerina, it only made sense to find her way to the ring. In 2009, Jaws laced up her first pair of boxing gloves at OG Trinity boxing in NYC. She's applied her same high-level hustle to boxing over the past 8 years and is thrilled to bring her dynamic and explosive skillset to Rumble.