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Greg James

Greg James

    • Equal parts city and country
    • Mom was an amateur boxer (and Greg’s first coach)
    • In a committed relationship with Seamless

Growing up in both New York City and Georgia, Greg is a boxing phenom who blends the best parts of city swag and southern charm. The duality doesn’t stop there: Greg loves a good prank and isn’t afraid to cry at a Disney movie, but he’s driven in his discipline for the martial arts. With his mom as his first boxing coach, Greg has studied boxing and martial arts since he was 10 years old. His wide range of experience runs the gamut from karate to judo to jiu jitsu to stick fighting to boxing to… well you get the point. 

But don’t let his third degree black belt intimidate you; this city bumpkin has a soft spot for all things fun: comic books, Anime, comedy, pulling pranks. Greg goes all in for a good time.