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Gabriela Machuca

Gabriela Machuca

    • Mitt Queen from Queens
    • Speaks three languages (English, Spanish, and French)
    • Dad was a boxer in Ecuador

A first generation Ecuadorian-American, Gaby grew up with boxing in her blood. You see, her father was a boxer back in Ecuador — but despite the boxing pedigree, Gaby was a late (athletic) bloomer who didn’t touch sports until adulthood.

But when the boxing bug bit over five years ago, it bit hard. She got into fitness, gave boxing a try, and quickly tapped into its incredible sense of empowerment. The more she trained her jabs and crosses, the quicker her self-confidence grew. The game had completely changed.

Gaby credits boxing with changing her life, KO’ing her insecurities, and empowering her to play big. Now, she considers it her duty to empower others and spread the transformative power of boxing.