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Frankie Figueroa

Frankie Figueroa

    • Master of all types of 1s and 2s (he’s a real deal DJ)
    • He’s still, he’s still Frankie from the Bronx
    • Aspiring audio engineer

As a kid growing up in the Bronx, young Frankie had competing aspirations to be a professional wrestler, a rapper, and a Power Ranger. (Dream big, kid.) The truth is, Frankie’s mom never wanted him to compete in combat sports, but here we are. He’s been kickboxing for the past 5 years and is looking to compete in Muay Thai in the near future (love ya, mom!). In case kicking people in the head isn’t ninja enough, Frankie also competes as an obstacle course racer, a la American Ninja Warrior. So by our account, he’s basically the Puerto Rican spider man.

But that’s only half of what makes Frankie so damn good at what he does. When he’s not being an athlete or a coach, he’s geeking out about music as a DJ and audiophile and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in audio engineering. Having fluctuated between the pursuit of fitness and music his entire life, he was predestined to take to the Rumble stage. So if you’re looking for your friendly, neighborhood ninja who can also scratch and scribble on the 1’s and 2’s, Frankie’s your guy.