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Noah 'Floods' Breymeier

Noah 'Floods' Breymeier

    • Southpaw in all things except Guitar Hero
    • Tang Soo Do black belt since age 13
    • Skips leg day but still has sick legs

While Arya Stark is a girl with no name, Noah Floods is a man with many names. Call him Floods, or Thiccolas Cage, or Thicci Minaj — he’ll respond to any of them. But, Floods wasn’t always Floods. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted to the states when he was only 6 months old. (Shout out to mom and dad!)

Growing up in Philly, Noah was a young man of many talents. He earned his black belt in Tang Soo Do at age 13 and was so obsessed with WWE that he ran his own Wrestlemania from his basement, complete with a mattress ring and stepladder turnbuckles. He also took to the stage from childhood, capturing the hearts of tens and tens of local senior citizens through matinee performances of Les Miserables. He went on to study performance at NYU’s Tisch, where he was officially adorned with his nickname “Floods” for spewing sick flows in a freestyle rap group.   

He fell in love with boxing in college, and with the help of YouTube clips of Tyson and Rumble’s very own trainers, Floods is rolling right onto the Rumble podium with hype, humor, and thighs that are most definitely not to be eff-ed with.