Bradley Rose

David Neuman

    • Lifelong martial artist
    • Can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 90 seconds
    • Side hustle: actual magician

A Long Island native and a real-life magician, David performs feats of magic so otherworldly that he might actually be a wizard. At one point in time, David planned on pursuing a career in Astrophysics, which strikes us as an interesting choice for a wizard. Guess you’ve gotta know the laws of the universe if you’re going to break them.

When David isn’t tricking people with his sorcery, he’s studying martial arts. With over 14 years of martial arts experience, ranging from Aikido Jiu Jitsu to Tae Kwon Do to boxing and kickboxing, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.

David’s love of science and gaming inspire his coaching style which is thoughtful, engaging, and undeniably unique. So whether he’s dropping uppercuts or Newton’s Second Law of Motion, he’s here to remind us all that we’re capable of supernatural things.