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Danni Alderson

Danni Alderson

    • Proud owner of a lot of broken bones
    • England native; fluent in French & Italian
    • Vegan animal lover with a rescue dog from Puerto Rico

Two things you should know about Danni: 1) She lives for adventure and 2) she isn’t fond of limits. 


Danni grew up in a small town in the UK, but it didn’t take long for her to set off to see as much of the world as possible (46 countries and counting). And she often does it on a whim. She flew to Australia on a week’s notice, went to Tanzania without any accommodations or contacts, and moved to NYC with her hubby after having only spent 2 days here. 


But, truth be told, while the adventures have been legendary, Danni’s story isn’t only rainbows and fairy tales: Danni broke her back when she was 19 (a car crash in the mountains of France) but she credits rehab for her deep commitment to the transformative powers of training. After climbing Kilimanjaro, she got fluid in her lungs from altitude sickness but it only made her double down on her passion for climbing (with sights on Everest.)


Somewhere along the way, boxing made its way into her training repertoire, and it’s been a nonstop love affair (read: throwdown) ever since. Which brings us to the third thing you should know about Danni: She’s all in, and no matter what happens, you damn well better believe she’ll make the best of it.