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Dani Baez

Dani Baez

    • California girl with an empire state of mind 
    • Born on Christmas Day
    • Fluent in sarcasm

With Dani, it’s not a matter of West Coast versus East Coast, it’s more West Coast meets East Coast. Born and raised in L.A., Dani grew up doing theater (which she excelled in) and tried a lot of team sports (which she was, admittedly, very bad at) — until she found one she was very good at: running. The next thing you know, she ran two marathons and three half-marathons. There’s just something about that West Coast, sun-fueled energy that will light a fire under ya.


It’s with that same fast-paced energy that Dani decided to move to NYC, even though her only prior experience in the city was a 24-hour trip in eighth grade. She started her fitness career after taking a — you guessed it — group fitness boxing class, which inspired her to get NASM-certified, train in boxing, and — fast forward — become a Rumble trainer.

With her West-Coast-meets-East-Coast flow, Dani’s classes are where the party meets the hard work. If you want to get on her good side, we recommend feeding her tacos and margaritas while bumpin’ some early 2000s hip hop or brushing up on your sarcasm. See, a little bit of both coasts rolled into one.