Dagmara Lometti

Dagmara Lometti

    • The blonde bomb.
    • Grew up in a house with boxers (except they were dogs.)
    • If you want to know the definition of true love, watch Dagmara look at a Magnum double caramel ice cream bar.

Let's cut to the chase. Dagmara is from Germany so she's not f*cking around. Then again, she grew up in New Jersey, so who really knows. Dag made a name for herself at Barry's Bootcamp where clients fell in love with her no-nonsense, results driven approach.

Dagmara's formative days were spent as a track & field athlete as well as a competitive gymnast in the USA Gymnastics Women's Program. She fell in love with boxing years ago and has developed a reputation for lifting some serious weight (I dare ya to try to out lift her.)

Based on her IG profile and flowing blonde locks, Dagmara seems wholesome. Don't be fooled. High-octane, passionate, and tough as hell, Dagmara is bringing some German Jersey thunder to the Rumble classroom.