Chloe Woo

Chloe Woo

    • Call her Chlo, Chlo$, Wootang, or Hawaiian Punch
    • Favorite movie is Space Jam
    • Believes sriracha and popcorn are their own food groups

Chloe Woo was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii and grew up doing what you do in Maui, Hawaii. She spent most of her childhood outside with her dad and brother - hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. Instead of playing with Barbies, Chloe was playing with machetes - adventuring through the jungle and chopping up coconuts. 

Winters were mostly focused on sport, which Chloe also loved. Her dad taught her how to box and defend herself from a young age so she’s always been a fighter. She also played basketball, tennis, volleyball, and soccer. In college she became super interested in training and quickly discovered how much she enjoyed coaching others. Like the confidence her dad instilled in her as a child, Chloe loved the reward of instilling confidence in others (which has become something of a mission statement for her.) Present day, Chloe steps onto the Rumble podium as equal parts athlete and coach. And just when you think her vibes are all chill and islandy, she’ll hit you with the energy of a Chinese Hawaiian princess who most definitely knows how to use a machete.