Bradley Rose

Bradley Rose

    • Silky strong British accent
    • Dad to 2 mean, 12 lb, lap dogs
    • The wholesome family man looking for revenge on ABC's Quantico

Hailing from The British Isles, Bradley Rose has a silky, strong accent and perfectly disheveled hair. He's what you might consider a gentleman's gentleman. In fact, he's so perfectly gentlemanly, you could imagine him proposing to "the love of his life" on a billboard for Tiffany's. Which, of course, is exactly something he's done.

When he's not charming Tiffany models or playing wholesome family men on ABC, Bradley has been kicking ass as a group fitness instructor at some of New York's hottest studios. With a well-rounded athletic background and some knockout power, Bradley Rose isn't all pretty boy. He's not afraid to get down and dirty in the Rumble classroom and help us all feel stronger and more confident, one "Cheers Mate!!!" at a time.