Beth Gold

Beth Gold

    • Ex Varsity Cheerleader
    • Salted Crack Caramel Ice Cream Connoisseur
    • Collector of Ab Muscles

Small but mighty, Beth is a well-rounded athlete with a serious penchant for picking up heavy weights (you should see this girl lift). With experience at Orange Theory and Switch Playground, Beth has always been the happy bundle of energy that we know and love. Her rippling mid-section was forged in New Jersey where she was raised playing softball, gymnastics, and yes…varsity cheer. But don't let her striations fool you, she's legit addicted to Ample Hills Ice-Cream ("Try their Salted Crack Caramel, YOU'LL BE ADDICTED TOO," she says).

Here's another fun fact: in her formative days Beth traveled around the world as a roadie with some notable bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Jay Z, and The Jonas Brothers. Now's she jamming out to their songs in the Rumble classroom and taking everyone along for the journey.