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Aliyah Sims

Aliyah Sims

    • Hails from the Sunshine State
    • Trademark Mega-Watt Smile
    • Ready to make you weeerk

You know when you meet a really happy person and it feels great to be around 'em because they radiate positivity? That's Aliyah. She's happy. She's really, really happy and it's AWESOME.

Aliyah grew up in the Sunshine State (naturally) where she competed as a cheerleader and a weightlifter, so she can cheer you on AND get you strong. She sings. She dances. She makes funky witch noises. What's not to love?

Aliyah was introduced to boxing over a year ago and has been training her Honduran peach off. She's ready to make you weeerk and is gonna do it with her trademark mega-watt smile and some damn good vibes.