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Alexis Katsafanas

Alexis Katsafanas

    • 21st Century Greek goddess who considers baklava a food group
    • Obsessed with training abs (so... ABS-sessed 😜)
    • Big Scorpio energy

Alexis is generally a very sweet person unless you come at her Pittsburgh Steelers. She will not, under any circumstances, accept anything other than love for her Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s best for all parties involved that you understand this.   


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Alexis has been an athlete her entire life. She grew up playing soccer, basketball, track, and even dabbled in ice skating (although she admits it was mainly for the outfits). Her love for sport and working out ultimately led to her getting certified in personal training and teaching group fitness. 


Fitness and fashion have always been Alexis’ two major passions, and she ties them together by rocking fire fits on the podium. It’s not uncommon for her to try and convince someone that wearing leopard print makes them run faster on the treads, although we’d argue that her all-the-way-up energy does that on its own. Work hard. Twerk hard. Here We Go, Steelers!