Taylor Sanders

Taylor Sanders

    • Danced alongside the one and only Queen Bey
    • Hails from Portlandia 
    • Lives for a thrill (skydiving, anyone?)

Tay Tay is in perpetual motion. She’s a mover. She’s been dancing and grooving since she could walk and after playing every sport imaginable as a kid, fell in love with dance. Tay was captain of both her high school and Santa Clara University dance team. Post-grad, she continued to coach at her alma mater and had the privilege of leading them in the Super Bowl 50 halftime show next to a young up-and-coming musical artist with a bright future known as…Beyoncé.

After getting jazzy with Queen B, Taylor became a NASM-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor before falling in love once again, this time with boxing. The magic actually happened when she took her first class at a young up-and-coming fitness studio with a bright future known as Rumble. As a dancer-turned boxer, Taylor knows that one skill fuels the others. Just like dance made her a stronger boxer and vice versa, your time training and sprinting on the treadmill will make your boxing that much crispier. With the moves and the take-the-world-by-storm attitude, what’s not to love about TayTay...or should we call her Queen T?