Semoura Villa

Semoura Villa

    • Janet Jackson stan 
    • Vegan athlete (gets tons of protein, no need for concern)
    • The 3rd child born on the 3rd day of the 3rd month in ‘83 (so likes the number 3)


The boxing bug bit early for young Semoura, who at 9 years old, asked her mom if she could take up boxing. But, being the doted-on baby sis of the fam, mama gave a hard pass on all things ‘knock you out.’  Her Rocky-laden dreams temporarily dashed, Semoura instead practiced her punches on her older brothers (cheers to that day-one #girlpower).

Always one to pave her own way, Semoura ended up being the kind of high schooler who wanted to motivate her friends. She often invited them over to do Tae Bo (#TBT) before class and even designed bootcamp classes of her own. Post high school and college, Semoura put her design skills to work in the fashion world for nine years. Until the boxing bug bit again. This time, she asked no permission (sorry, mama) and took no prisoners. Dropping her pencils and sketchbooks for hand wraps and gloves, Semoura em-cees one of the most intelligently-designed, soul-shaking classes at Rumble.