Robyn Marsh

Robyn Marsh

    • Friends call her Ginge
    • Bonafide Northern England lass
    • Considers peanut butter a primary food group

Robyn was born and raised in a small seaside town in the North of England, which sounds rather peaceful and enchanting. But with six siblings, a ridiculously hard-working Polish father and a “crazy mum” trying to keep it all afloat, life was nothing short of wild.

After some post-college traveling, Robyn was drawn to the big city lights of London, where she set her sights on a career in fitness — initially with spin, weight training, and yoga. In 2011, Robyn met a boy who loved to box so she started fighting with him (literally, as training partners.) Because nothing says “be mine” quite like sparring each other, naturally they fell in love and married a few years later. With a husband who doubles as a training partner, Robyn more recently mustered up the courage to train for (and win) her first white collar fight. Ain’t love something?

Having taught boxing for the past three years in London, Robyn is taking her British banter stateside, stepping onto the Rumble podium with hands, heart, and hair that are all on fire.