Nick Lundblad

Nick Lundblad

    • He's a husky snuggler, meaning that he snuggles his husky puppies
    • Has a thing for white sneakers
    • Only cuts his hair once a year

Nick is a hustler, baby (he just wants you to know).

He was born and raised in Sweden, which likely explains the long beautiful locks and delicate features. But he moved to Los Angeles a few years back, which likely explains the style and swagger.

When it comes to boxing, Nick did it a little backwards. He signed up for an amateur fight with almost no experience. But his love was real, and he's never looked back. He's been training and coaching ever since.

Nick is our Viking Warrior and is ruthlessly dedicated to progress. 'Cause as we all know, "It ain't where you been, it's where you 'bout to go."