Moise Scott

Moise Scott

    • World traveler with a mile-long to-see list
    • Majorly obsessed with abs
    • Flute Master Flex (yep, he can play)


Born in France but raised in New York City, Mo marches to the beat of his own drum. Literally. He's a drummer in a metal band (and a former high school band geek). He's a left-handed video game whiz (defying all laws of dexterity). He's an abs-obsessed boxer, kickboxer and capoeira ninja. And, once upon a time, he was an eight year old who bit the head off of a live fish. Yeah. He did that.

And that's the kind of make-your-own-rules, get-after-it badassery Mo hopes to bring out of you. No, you may not decapitate a live fish with your mouth, but you will get a noteworthy six-pack if you follow his lead. Whether it's tuck jumps or mosh pits, Mo is bringing the heat and inspiring others to level (all the way) up.